When the Disney Movie Classics are Dead: Disney’s Death of a Classic

In a year marked by the cancellation of the Disney-produced live-action adaptations of the classic film Beauty and the Beast and the recent death of the original animated feature The Little Mermaid, Disney is officially out of the live-animation game.

This will leave behind the original Disney film and its live-streaming library and, if the studio is smart, a handful of other classic films.

That leaves just a handful or so of films for people to watch over and over again.

There’s also the question of whether or not a major motion picture will ever return.

As Disney continues to cut ties with its live TV programming, it’s not hard to envision a future where Disney-owned television networks, including ABC and Disney Channel, become the only places for fans to watch live Disney-related programming.

If the company is serious about trying to bring live-TV programming to fans who don’t have cable subscriptions, it needs to figure out how to do it.

And it needs a better way to bring its live video offerings to new audiences, especially younger ones who are interested in the more traditional animated film form.

The Disney brand has endured for decades as a way for the company to attract and keep young people, but that’s changing, and Disney will need to start thinking about how to bring this new live-interactive entertainment to an audience that has never watched it before.

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