Which movies are best when they’re in movie theaters?

The new version of the movie theater app Will Smith movies, the one that can now play online, will not only make it easier for movie lovers to watch the most recent movies but also offer a whole new way to watch them.

The app now includes a full-screen feature for browsing movies.

And the feature is just one of a number of new features coming with the new version.

Smith will be joining Netflix and Hulu as well as a number other streaming services to make the app even more popular. 

Smith, who has starred in more than 70 movies, will be the first to introduce the new feature, which will allow users to browse movie titles and find movies from the last 30 days on their own screen.

This feature will also be expanded to the new movie theaters in his hometown of Chicago, where he grew up.

Smith’s “The Butler” and “American Sniper” stars are both available for viewing on the app and will appear in the Movies tab.

Smith has a new movie in the works for HBO that will air in the spring. 

“The Butler,” a film about a family of brothers who move from Alabama to Chicago to live in a single-family home with their mom and their two younger brothers, is the latest in a string of Smith’s big-budget movies.

The new movie will premiere in theaters in April.

Smith has been known to launch his movies in the app.

In October 2015, he tweeted about his movie “The Moth” on the new app and was joined by James Franco, Tom Hanks and Bradley Cooper.

The movie has been available on Netflix for two years, and in November, Smith announced the release of a new sequel titled “Moth.” 

In the past, Smith has said that the app was the perfect place to get the latest news on movies.

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