Which movies are you watching right now?


The top 10 films of the year have all been released in cinemas this week, with the winner taking the crown for the best movie. 

The winner is a big surprise. 

No other film has come out in cinemases this year to win the Oscar. 

So far this year, five of the top 10 have been released on DVD and Blu-ray. 

It is the first time in history that a film has won both the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars, and also the first since The Silence of the Lambs. 

(And that is not including the films that have been in cinemase for years, such as Titanic, The Matrix, and The Godfather.) 

The other two films in the top ten, The Lion King and The Dark Knight Rises, have been released online, and both are also available on DVD. 

“We are all aware that this is the year of the Oscar,” said producer and producer David Goyer.

“The first Oscar was won in 1929 and is remembered for its extraordinary quality and its sheer beauty. 

But we have also had the last year to celebrate. 

In 2017, there has been an unprecedented amount of emotion. 

People have been thinking about who they would like to see win the Best Actor Oscar, and now it’s time to decide who they want to see receive the best director award.” 

(The winner will be announced on February 10.) 

But the best films of 2017 were released in multiplexes, and the big question is: what do you love? 

“It’s really a question of what we love most,” said Goyer, “because we are constantly working to create new ways to engage with our audience. 

We don’t have a winner of the Best Actress Oscar.

So we have to create more of a place where we have a sense of belonging and where people can feel comfortable.” 

“Wonder” is the best-reviewed film of 2017. 

Its box office gross was £8.8 million ($10.4 million) (according to Box Office Mojo), a number that is only a little better than the $10.6 million gross of The Martian. 

This is the second time in two years that the film has been released, following a release in August. 

Last year, Wonder made £6.4m ($8.7m) ($3.9m after tax), which was an impressive number for a film released in October. 

Director David Lynch and writer/star Daniel Espinosa were awarded the best screenplay Oscar for their screenplay for “Wonder”, which was also a very good film in its own right. 

A couple of years ago, Lynch was nominated for Best Director, and this year he was nominated in Best Picture, too. 

He is up against Cinderella and Jack and Jill, both of which were nominated for best picture, which is not a very surprising outcome. 

Lynch is up for best actor for his role in the film. 

And Espinoso is up to Best Actress for his work in the movie.

In the Best Director category, Goyer is up with his “Wings” and “The Hobbit” films, which are both released on Netflix. 

Both are directed by Peter Jackson, who was nominated last year for Best Picture. 

Cinema tickets are sold in cinemasses from the beginning of January until the end of March, with tickets starting at £7.50 ($9.00). 

And while the film will be available to watch online and download via the web, the film itself will be released digitally on December 12. 


A few months ago, director David Lynch said that he wanted to make a film that would win the movies of 2017, but he had to wait for the winner to be revealed. 

That will be a very difficult task for him, Goyle told RTE, “Because we have such a short window of time to get the film right. 

 “It is going to be a huge, huge challenge to do something that wins in a short period of time.” 

But he believes that it is possible. 

Goyer said: “I think the films of 2016 and 2017 will be really interesting. 

If we have the right combination of people, the right director, the same studio and the right distributor, I think we can pull off something really spectacular.” 


The film that wins the films this year has to be the best film of all time. 

As the Oscar nominations were announced last year, director Martin Scorsese won for The Wolf of Wall Street, which was nominated again for Best Film. Scorsese

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