How to Get Out Of a Movie – Epic Movie Gets Out of Movie

The epic movie Get Out of a Movie gets out of the movie by being a bit more honest. 

In the movie, two friends, Ethan and Zoey, are riding through a crowded street in Los Angeles. 

Zoey sees a car that looks like a carousel. 

“That’s a pretty weird carousel!” she exclaims. 

Ethan is more intrigued, though. 

He sees the “fancy” carousel on the right. 

Then the carousel starts to roll and Ethan starts screaming at the top of his lungs, “It’s a caro!

It’s a Caro!” 

Zoie responds, “I don’t even know what a carol is!” 

“Why are you screaming at a car?

It’s like a circus.

Why are you shouting at a circus?”

Ethan asks. 

But the caro has other plans. 

The caro rolls over to reveal a girl who’s riding in a giant red balloon, holding a red balloon that’s glowing. 

As the carol rolls over again, the balloon starts to spin and glow and Ethan yells, “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” 

But she just rolls over onto the sidewalk. 

After the caroom, Ethan says to Zoey: “We were going to go home and sleep.” 

The scene ends with Ethan and Zoie getting into bed together.

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