How to Stop the Scream: Trump supporters rally in Berkeley

More than 100 people, many wearing red, have gathered outside the Berkeley city hall as part of an anti-Trump demonstration.

“We are the future.

We are the resistance,” the protesters chanted.

“We will not give in.

We will not be intimidated.””

We have a right to be here,” one demonstrator said.

The demonstrators gathered near the intersection of Third and Harrison streets.

The protest comes as the city prepares to hold a public hearing on the proposed budget for the city’s emergency services agency, which was approved last week by the city council.

It is a rare protest in Berkeley and the most recent one was held in September of last year.

That protest was largely peaceful, but several people were arrested.

Bike protesters, who are usually outnumbered by counterprotesters, have been rallying in Berkeley for months, especially in response to the election of President Donald Trump.

In January, protesters held a rally outside City Hall to call for a boycott of the city.

The event was later called off, and police had to be called to remove the rally from the park.

In November, thousands of Berkeley residents marched through downtown on their annual Thanksgiving Day holiday.

The protests, however, have become a little more violent, with a few people being arrested and several injuries reported.

On Thursday, some protesters clashed with counterprotestors and a car rammed a protester, police said.

A police officer suffered minor injuries during the clash, police spokesman Officer Ben White said.

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