How to Survive a Plague

By: Mike Siegel – Updated: November 26, 2018 05:58:46This week, the BBC’s Newshour interviewed the director of the popular game Minecraft.

Mike Siegel talks to Matt Damon about his film, The Martian.

The Martian is an acclaimed film about the search for life on Mars, which the movie stars Matt Damon.

Matt Damon plays astronaut Bruce Banner, who is stranded on the planet, and he has to search for the missing colonists.

Matt is now looking to raise money to pay for a trip to Mars to find the colonists, and also to bring them home to Earth.

Matt has already raised more than $8 million on Kickstarter for a Mars trip.

Matt told the Newshor he was excited about his upcoming film, and it was an interesting interview.

Matt says he’s been working on this film for more than a year and is still very focused on it.

Matt had this idea for The Martian, which was inspired by a book he read a couple of years ago.

Matt said he wrote a book called The Martian Chronicles, which he calls his “dream book.”

He wanted to make something that was about the journey from Mars to the surface of the planet and explore the science behind the story of what life is like on Mars.

Matt explained that he wanted to tell the story in a way that was a little more personal.

Matt says he wanted this to be something that he would look back on as a sort of legacy of his own journey.

Matt added that he thinks it’s a film that will resonate with the audience and will resonate in a different way than The Martian is currently doing.

Matt made his first appearance in the film last month, playing a part that’s a little bit more than the main character.

Matt said the character was meant to be the one to rescue the crew from the Martian surface.

Matt talked about how it felt to play the lead role of Bruce Banner.

He said it was a really exciting and emotional experience, and that he really enjoys doing it.

The film will also feature some of the best science fiction actors in the world.

Matt has spoken about how he and his brother Nolan had to change their schedules to make it happen.

Matt also talked about his experience filming in the mountains of northern France, and how it was really cool to be able to go hiking.

Matt and his brothers Nolan, who plays Captain Kirk, and Michael Fassbender, who played the Captain America character, were filming in Brittany, and Matt and Nolan were hiking through the mountains.

The cast also talked a bit about how they wanted to give their characters a realistic look.

Matt told the audience that they wanted a “realistic portrayal of life on Earth.”

Matt said that his goal was to create an experience that would be “truly human, so that you wouldn’t feel like you’re living in a simulation or anything.”

Matt talked more about his character, and then the filmmakers talked about the effects of a pandemic on humans.

The actors talked about what makes for a good film, from a story point of view.

Matt was talking about how important the film was to him, and the movie will be his final work.

Matt mentioned that it was great to be part of a team, and to have that be my legacy.

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