What is the latest movie coming out from Warner Bros.?

Movie fans are in for a treat this weekend as Warner Bros. has released a new line of films starring the world’s best superheroes.

The first installment of the superhero action series is the critically acclaimed Clue starring Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogen and Jason Bateman.

This new film is being released as part of Warner Bros.’ theatrical slate and is expected to hit theaters in the fall.

The sequel, starring Rogen, Bateman and Amy Poehler, is expected in theaters in early 2019.

The third film, The Clue Movie: A Musical, is a musical from producer David Geffen that was written by Tony Award-winning musical director Ben Howard.

The movie will be released theatrically in late 2019.

Warner Bros. also has a number of comic book films in the works including a superhero-based live action TV series and a live action film adaptation of the DC Comics comic book Supergirl.

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