Why Star Trek Movies Are Worth Watching

What’s a Star Trek movie worth watching?

Star Trek movies are good, especially if you love space exploration.

Here’s what we love about the latest offerings.

Star Trek Beyond Star Trek has been an important part of the Star Trek universe since the original series premiered in 1966.

Its latest installment is now in its sixth film.

Here are some other things to watch out for: • The series’ first-ever live-action trailer is set to debut on CBS All Access this weekend.

It features the crew of the Enterprise as they fight to save Earth from an alien threat.

• Star Trek’s newest installment, Star Trek: Discovery, will be released in 2019.

The show will follow the crew as they work to reunite with their former captain, Sulu.

• The second-season premiere of Star Trek Discovery will be the first time since the franchise launched in 2019 that a new Star Trek film will be shown in the U.S. The first Star Trek feature film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, premiered in December 2019.

It was followed by the first Star Wars movie since The Phantom Menace in May 2020.

It’s expected that both will debut in theaters this year.

• There will be a new episode of Star Wars Rebels in 2020.

The series will pick up where The Force Unleashed left off in 2019, with the first chapter focusing on a new generation of Rebel cadets who are preparing for the inevitable fall of the Empire.

• A new series from Netflix and Hulu called The Expanse is coming to Star Wars-themed streaming service Starz in 2020, and the first season will air on Starz on June 12.

Star Wars fan sites like The Official Star Wars Blog and StarWars.com have announced Star Wars and Star Trek projects.

StarTrek.com’s Star Trek series will return in 2019 with the third season.

There’s also a new series, The Expanded Universe, from Lucasfilm, which will follow new Star Wars characters, including a young woman named Bail Organa who will face an unexpected new adversary.

In 2020, the series will debut its fifth season, with a new character called Nanae, who has a secret identity as a Jedi.

StarWarsFans.com and StarTreckFans.net are also working on Star Trek-related projects.

These sites are set to release Star Trek themed video games in the 2020s.

The game, called Star Trek Adventures, will include Star Trek, Star Treks, Star Tours, StarWars and other characters from the series.

The latest projects include a live-animated series from Sony Pictures called Star Wars Nights, which stars the original Star Wars cast and new characters.

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