‘A Little Christmas’ star shares a touching moment with his sister

The story of how an actor who made his movie debut as a little boy has gone on to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Nathan Fillion and his sister, Jessica, shared a special moment in their life with a kiss and a hug as they embraced on the set of the upcoming romantic movie, “A Little Disney.”

Nathan told CBC’s The Early Edition that he was so happy to be sharing the scene with his new sister, and he has a few words for her that he hopes people will share.

I wish you well.

And, she said, I hope that you’re happy too, Nathan Fillion said.

And I wish you the best.

The family then hugged and hugged, and we had a little hug in between.

They also kissed.

And then we had another kiss.

I’m just really happy.

It was a special day, he said.

I got to kiss you and hug you and hold you, and it was so special, because I was a little kid, too, and my dad was my little boy, and now I’m a little brother and sister.

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NamUs/Canadian National ArchivesAnd they say a little sister is always nice.

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