What happens when a monster movie turns into a superhero movie?

TechCrunch is reporting that Legendary Pictures is currently developing a Monster Movie that will explore a story of a young man who must overcome his fears and become the monster he was meant to be.

The story centers around a young male named Joss (Charlie Hunnam), who becomes the monster, and his mother, who has lost her mind and decides to live her life as a monster.

The story also has a number of connections to the new Marvel film, Black Panther.

Legendary has also said that the film will feature a new story for the characters Wakanda, the Wakandan capital, and that the first half of the film could feature a crossover between the films.

A trailer for the film was released this week, but the studio hasn’t said much about it yet.

If the trailer is anything like the one released for Black Panther, then it could be some of the most intriguing monster movie yet.

The trailer shows a young boy named Jolyne (Mackenzie Davis), who is in love with a young woman named Claire (Emma Stone), who also has been possessed by a giant spider monster (the first of the Monsters Unleashed movies).

The young boy is terrified of Jolyn, who goes to her house and confronts her.

After a few scenes, the boy’s mother arrives and confronts him, as well.

The mother and daughter are about to kiss, and the boy turns to his mother.

The monster grabs her by the throat, but she manages to push the monster off of her and off of the boy.

Jolyny tells the mother, “I’m sorry, Mom.

I’m sorry.

I never told you to stay away.

I know you never wanted to leave.

I didn’t want to leave.”

The mother tells her that Jolynn never wanted this to happen.

Jolyn is eventually rescued by her friends and is able to get back to school.

Joss is able see her again, and Joss goes to his school and confronts Jolynie.

Josseph (Omar Sy) has a crush on Claire and she decides to give Joss a chance to find his love.

Joseph is about to tell Claire about his relationship with his father, but is interrupted by a monster attack.

Jody and the rest of the school find a way to defeat the monster and save Joss.

Joss goes on a quest to get Claire back and find the truth about her past.

He eventually comes across a young girl named Rachel (Elizabeth Olsen), who has been transformed into a monster by the monster.

He goes on an adventure with her, and learns more about her.

The pair eventually find their way back to Joss, who is on a mission to find a cure for the monster’s curse.

Joseph and Rachel eventually end up in a cave, and it is revealed that they have bonded.

Rachel reveals that she is also possessed by the creature, and when Joseps mother tries to kill her, she uses her powers to stop Joss from killing her.

Rachel eventually tells her mother that she doesn’t have a choice, and is saved by Joss’ friend, the Beast (Lupita Nyong’o).

Joss and Rachel decide to stop the Beast by fighting it.

Joleys mother and her friend, who are also possessed, are defeated and go to the Beast.

They eventually defeat it, and discover that they are not monsters.

Jodie is horrified and leaves to get help.

The Beast reveals that he is actually Joss and that he has killed his parents and kidnapped Rachel.

The Beast then tells Joseeps mother and his friend to kill Joss because they were the ones who brought the monster to life.

The two friends decide to take the Beast to their hometown, but when they arrive, they discover that the Beast is not there.

Josaq (Daniel Kaluuya) arrives, and reveals that the monster is actually the Beast himself.

Joda (Olivia Munn) is kidnapped by the Beast and Joseep and Rachel fight him.

The beast, who turns out to be the Beast, is defeated, and Rachel and Joda escape.

Jodie and Josheph decide to escape.

The journey takes them to a forest, and they encounter the Beast again.

He is defeated and escapes into the woods.

The couple then decide to go back to the village to find the cure for their curse, and find a new home.

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