What is the most dangerous movie of all time?

In the 1970s, James Cameron’s Avatar was released in theaters across the world, making it one of the most popular films of the time.

Now, there are new films being released in many different countries, from China to the UK, and many of them are considered to be even more dangerous than the original Avatar.

With so many films out there, we decided to look at some of the top ten most dangerous movies of all-time.


The Passion of the Christ (1955)In the 1950s, The Passion Of The Christ was released as the first feature film of The Passion, which was a Christian film.

While The Passion itself is not as violent as some of Cameron’s other films, The New Testament in particular, has a lot to answer for.


Apocalypse Now (1979)This American military action thriller is a sequel to Apocalypse Now, a film released in 1979, and it follows a military operation in Cambodia, which saw the United States send in a bunch of elite special forces to stop a group of terrorists.

The film is very much like The Passion in that it is heavily religious in nature.

It is also very violent.


The Sting (1995)The first installment of the popular British soap opera, The Sting, is set in a small coastal town and has an American-themed setting.

The cast is mostly British, and the story centers around a British man who has been kidnapped by a mobster and is held in the notorious prison.


The Big Lebowski (1998)This satire-thriller, set in an alternate universe, is about the life of the late comedian Lebinsky, who in a failed attempt to save his life in a life-or-death situation, accidentally creates a nuclear device.

He is imprisoned in a prison called The Pit, where he is forced to fight his way out of prison, but he escapes and then becomes a criminal.


The Princess Bride (1957)Based on the novel of the same name, this British romantic comedy is set during the British Civil War and follows the exploits of a young man who falls for a beautiful princess who is kidnapped by an evil wizard.


The Breakfast Club (1992)This comedy follows a group that travels across the United Kingdom in search of a good meal, but they find themselves trapped in an all-night party and lose track of where they are.


The King of Comedy (1984)This British sitcom follows a couple who are going through an existential crisis when they get into a disagreement with a group who thinks they are an evil empire.

The comedy follows the couple and their efforts to figure out why they are stuck.


Inglourious Basterds (2005)Based off of a novel by George R.R. Martin, Ingloumi is a comedy based on the works of Shakespeare.


The Karate Kid (1995, 1999)The Karate Kids is the first live action film to be released in the United Arab Emirates, which is in the Middle East.

It follows a martial arts fighter named Shaolin Kao, who fights the ninja Shido, a martial artist named Akodo, and a samurai named Maito.


The Godfather (1972)Based loosely on the book of the very same name by George PĂ©rez, this classic film follows mobster Don Riegert and his gang of thieves, who get caught in the middle of a corrupt city government.

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