When Batman Movie List Was Unsolved!

IGN is hosting our own Batman Movie-related trivia quiz.

Each week we will be choosing the most interesting and intriguing Batman-related facts from across the Internet, and then we will ask you to guess which movie it is.

We will pick the movie that you think is the most intriguing, and if you guessed wrong, you will get the answer!

This week’s trivia question: What was the first movie in the Batman series that you were not familiar with?

The answer to this question will determine whether you get the Batmobile, the Batcave, the Scarecrow’s Batmobile or the Bat-Thing, as well as which one you get to go back to the Batpod, the Helicarrier, or the Penguin’s Batcage.

We’ll be doing this every week for the next year.

To start, let’s look at the movies in the series that have you most excited about.

Batman Begins was a big hit, with over 300 million movie tickets sold, and it was followed up in 2000 with a sequel, Batman Begins II.

The movie was also a huge box office success, grossing more than $1 billion.

It has since been re-released several times, and the next two films are expected to be even bigger hits.

The third movie, The Dark Knight, is being directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Christian Bale, Mark Hamill, Jennifer Lawrence, Viola Davis, and Oscar Isaac.

The Dark Knight Rises is another blockbuster that made waves and made a lot of money.

The film is expected to gross more than a billion dollars at the box office, and is a reboot of the classic Batman series.

The next installment is expected in 2019, and while that film has yet to be announced, it is expected that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will get a sequel in 2020.

The second installment, Batman V Superman: The Dark Justice, was a flop at the domestic box office and has been pulled from theaters since then.

The final installment, Suicide Squad, was released in May 2020.

So there you have it.

There are some big, blockbuster movies in this list.

If you are not a fan of Batman, but still want to see something that will give you a little bit of closure on the Batman franchise, you should definitely check out the Batman Movie list.

You’ll be glad you did!

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