When the Batman Movies came out. Here’s what you need to know.

In the movie’s opening sequence, Batman (Ben Affleck) gets a message from a mysterious figure called Mr. Freeze (Tilda Swinton).

Mr. Frost, who has been captured by Bane (Michael Keaton) and his evil cohorts, has set up a trap for Batman that will trap him in a tower, where he’ll have to fight Bane and his men to escape.

He tells Batman that Bane and the rest of his rogues have been searching for him for a long time, and they are waiting for him to come to their rescue.

When Batman does finally arrive, Mr. Flynn (Jared Leto) is dead, and Mr. Fiddler (John C. Reilly) and Dr. Light (Ben Kingsley) are alive.

It is now up to Batman to find out what is going on with Mr. and Mrs. Frost.

The film opens with Mr, Frost and Bane having their showdown with each other.

Bane is the master of the blade, but Mr.

Fiddler is able to stab Bane in the shoulder with his bare hands, thus breaking his grip.

Bane has managed to break the bonds that bind him to Mr. Flash and Mr Ice, so Batman must find a way to free Mr.

Flash and MrIce, and use Mr Frost as bait.

Bane uses his power to freeze the towers, which Mr.

Ice and Mr Flash are able to use to free themselves.

When Bane and Mr Frost are able at last to free each other, Mr Frost asks if he can help, and Bane says he will.

After Bane is able use his new power to free both Mr. Ice and Mr Freeze, Bane says that he will be his apprentice.

Bane says goodbye to Mr Freeze and MrFiddler, and says goodbye again to Mr Frost, telling him that he must get back to the castle to begin his training.

Bane and Batman have a fight over a throne and the location of the Tower of Pisa.

Bane’s new power makes him invisible to Mr Flash and he is unable to move his arms.

When Mr Flash tries to reach Bane, Bane grabs him and then attacks.

Mr Flash throws his sword at Bane, and he breaks free.

Bane then uses his new powers to break free from Mr. Flame and Mr Fiddler, but he is still locked inside the tower.

Mr. Batman uses his own new powers and manages to break out of the tower, but Bane manages to grab his chains and he and Mr Batman fall to the ground.

Bane explains that Mr. Light, Mr Ice and Dr Frost are in the tower and he will need them to free him.

Bane asks Mr.

Batman what he will do if they can’t free him, but Batman says that the time for talk is over.

Bane attacks Mr Flash, but Flash throws Mr. Bane a punch.

Bane manages at last, to free himself.

Bane tells Mr.

Flame and MrFlash that he is the one who created them.

Bane begins to beat Mr. Flamingo and Mr Flame, but as Mr.flame and MrFlame are about to be freed, MrFlames powers are stopped by Bane, who takes them down with a single blow.

Bane grabs his chains again, and again he breaks out of Bane’s grasp.

Bane calls on his old nemesis, Scarecrow, and begins to chase him down.

Scarecrow has been tracking Bane since he was a child and knows his weakness.

Scarecraft tells Bane that he can no longer trust him, that he only thinks of Bane as a friend, and that he doesn’t want to see him go.

Bane realizes that Scarecrow knows what he is doing, and tells Scarecrow to take care of his son, Scarecraft is about to leave Scarecrow.

Scarecrows father tells Scarecraft to stay on the case, but Scarecrow says that if Mr. Scarecock is going to die, he must die with the man he loved, and Scarecrow begins to cry.

Bane finally captures Scarecrow and throws him in the prison cell.

Scarecorn is saved from Bane, but the shock of Bane capturing him causes him to break down in tears, revealing that he has been hiding in his secret lair for over a decade.

Bane reveals that Scarecorn has been working on a plan for years, but has not been able to find a suitable place to hide.

Bane warns Scarecrow that if Scarecrow does not find a place to run away, he will kill him and send him to prison.

ScareCorn then tells Bane to leave him be, but a smile is seen on Bane’s face as he leaves Scarecorn alone.

ScareCrow tells Bane he needs to get away from Gotham City before Bane does, and a smile soon spreads across Scarecorn’s face.

ScareCow is sent to prison by Bane and is forced to work for Bane, so he is able take the role of Scarecrow for

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