How to watch Indian movies in English on Google News

A new app on Android devices has come up with a handy way of finding and watching Indian movies on the Google News app in English.

The app, dubbed ‘Das Namaar’, has been available on Google Play since last week, and has already been downloaded 1.5 million times, and is available on the Play Store.

The company behind the app, which was founded by a team of four students, has also launched a blog to explain how it works, and how you can use it in your own news feed.

The team behind the project have developed an app which is capable of finding movies in Hindi and English.

The app has been downloaded on the app store by users from over 70 countries.

Users can use the app to filter their news feed by categories and content.

The feature is meant to help people find the most interesting and popular movies in the world.

The news app is also used by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime to offer subscribers free movies and shows in Hindi.

The news app has also been able to find movies which are only available in Hindi or English, such as movies from Tamil Nadu.

The team behind Das Namaari, which is called Das Nanaar, also have the option to search for specific titles in Hindi, English or French, which will automatically show up in the search results.

In the app’s search results, users can choose to search by a certain keyword or by specific Hindi films, which are then presented in the results.

The search result will also show the movie’s trailer in Hindi if it’s available in the Hindi language.

A search for Hindi movie title, “Hindi” source Google Play title Das Namiar app with Hindi title and English title and French title.

source GooglePlay The app also includes a section on search engine results which highlights movies that are available in English, Hindi or both in the news app.

It also provides suggestions on which news stories to read in order to find out more about the movies.

In addition, Das Nimaar has also found a section for Hindi films which is available in Google News which also has the option of filtering by language, genre or region.

The filter will then show up under a section called “HINDU FILMS” which shows a list of Hindi films available in India.

The search results also show Hindi films in English subtitles and in English subtitled format.

Das Namasiras search results have also been updated to include information about the availability of Hindi movies in India, which users can click on to see a complete list of movies available in both Hindi and their native language.

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