Why you should watch ‘Madagascar’ movie

It’s been a long time coming for us.

And it’s been awhile since we’ve seen the latest installment in the beloved Madagascar franchise, which follows a young boy named Malala who is attacked by a giant, hairy ape.

We had heard about the film’s success, and even got a peek at the set, but we weren’t quite ready to put our money where our mouths were.

That’s because the film is a bit of a surprise, a little film we had no idea was in our future.

After all, the film never really hit the big screen until last year, when the Disney/Pixar animated series hit theaters.

In its first two seasons, Madagascar was a series of animated shorts that starred a little girl named Tala and her brother, Bala, who were traveling around Africa, exploring the wilderness and finding wild animals.

But in the third season, Malala (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) and her family were sent to a school in South Africa where she’s supposed to learn about the history of her species.

But it was when Bala returned to the school that things really got interesting.

Malala is a child, and she has been brought up with a lot of strict social taboos.

She’s never really been allowed to play with other children, and when she goes to school, she’s never allowed to wear a headscarf.

And when she gets to school alone, she has to sit with her back to the wall.

So Malala’s friends and teachers are worried that she might be sneaking around the school.

But Malala isn’t a normal little girl.

She has powers, she can fly, she doesn’t have to wear makeup, she knows how to talk to other animals, and her voice has grown to match her skin tone.

She can also read and write and dance, which is the kind of thing that really makes you wonder if the school is actually really a place for girls.

So she leaves home to go on her adventure, and by the time she arrives, she’ll already be a very different person.

Malasia is actually a little bit of an outlier.

As we learned during our visit, she is the most powerful female character in the film.

She is the only one of the group who isn’t wearing makeup and who has a voice that’s a bit higher than normal, and who can speak in a more natural voice.

Malaria is the main antagonist, and the movie opens with her at her home.

She and her brothers live alone and in isolation, and they have a big problem.

Malas father is a giant who eats everything that moves.

He keeps killing animals.

When he learns that Malala has a magical ability to fly, he’s going to have a hard time keeping his son out of the woods.

But even though Malala gets to learn to speak, she still has trouble controlling her powers, and soon her friends are coming to her rescue.

So the next time you see a character who looks like Malala, don’t be surprised if you think she has a lot more to give than just her powers.

She might have been created for this kind of story.

We saw a glimpse of what the movie could have looked like with Malala in this trailer for the movie: The trailer shows Malala riding a dragon, playing with her magic, and watching the movie with her family.

So how does Malala stack up to other female characters in the series?

It’s hard to say.

Malla is the first female character we see with her powers and her powers are really powerful.

She gets to do all kinds of stuff, and it seems like she’s very well-rounded, but there’s still a lot to learn.

But we know that Mala is the one who’s really going to do the best job of handling her powers as she gets older.

So we know her story is going to end in some way.

There’s going

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